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Emotional Health and Nurturing

The therapeutic program at Maple Lake academy consists of structured individual, group, family and experiential therapies. Each student at Maple Lake receives a minimum of 20 hours of therapy each week. This allows the students the opportunity to work through personal and family struggles and gives the optimum opportunity to learn life skills in a consistent and individualized manner.

Throughout the therapeutic process, Maple Lake Academy therapists customize the treatment plan to fit each girl's specific needs. Without specific level systems and approaches, Maple Lake Academy monitors progress individually and focuses on strengths and successes. This builds self-esteem and allows the girls the opportunity to be a part of their progress, rather than just receiving feedback and being placed in levels with others.

Academic Program

Maple Lake Academy’s average class size is 5-7 students.

All teachers are licensed and certified in their content area. They are also trained in teaching students with learning disabilities.

Student Education Occupation Plans (SEOP) specifically address the individual academic needs of the student and offer interventions and strategies that deal with their specific deficits.

Every student studies and learns about their individual LD issues and will become experts in learning strategies that specifically address their LD challenges.

We use the latest technology to help students: laptop computers, interactive whiteboards, computer programs specifically designed for learning disabilities.

We work diligently with the student to help her make up any credit deficits in school she may have at the time of admission to Maple Lake Academy.


Recreation Therapy at Maple Lake

Recreation Therapy (RT) is the carefully planned use of all kinds of recreational activity as a therapeutic modality or method for bringing about positive change in an individual. At Maple Lake Academy for Boys, licensed and certified Rec. Therapists play a key role in helping our students to acquire the skills, tools and personal insight necessary to develop healthy relationships and to succeed in family, work and social environments.

Students participate in regular RT group sessions four days a week, in which they are involved in Experiential Therapy “tasks”. Though they may be fun, and sometimes feel more like a game than traditional therapy, these tasks are strategically designed to require that all students involved utilize and develop specific tools, skills and insight key to their treatment in order to accomplish the task. In this way, Rec. Therapy becomes the therapeutic practice field and proving ground. Tasks can be trying physically, intellectually and emotionally, but the results are priceless. Sessions always end with “processing” or a discussion of what happened during the task and what it means to students individually. Parents and families have the opportunity to experience the power of experiential therapy when they join their sons for family RT sessions during quarterly Parents’ Weekends. They will also receive a Family Therapeutic Assignment (FTA), a beneficial recreational project or mission, to do on their own as a family.

Though experiential tasks are the bread and butter of Rec. Therapy at Maple Lake, the RT department also provides many other opportunities for students. A few times each year the whole school will embark on a three-day campout. Whether spelunking spectacularly decorated caves in Eastern Nevada or hiking miles of river up and into breathtaking slot canyons in Zion National Park, the boys are in for adventure. Between processing during the journey and follow-up at nighttime campfires, the Rec. Therapists ensure that the therapeutic benefit and abundant metaphors are not lost on the boys.

Throughout the summer students enjoy an RT “Long Day” off campus each week. These day-long trips typically involve some kind of unique experience for the boys as well as experiential tasks. Smaller campouts, for four or five boys, occur frequently through the summer as well. Once a month, year round, several students who are doing well in programming are invited to join the Rec. Therapist on an “adventure day” that might be anything from indoor rock climbing to fly fishing. Whether in a classroom on campus or deep in a canyon a state away, Recreation Therapy at Maple Lake Academy for Boys is always working to help our boys become the best young men they can be.





   ► Success

The SUCCESS program consists of seven personal projects that every student will be asked to complete during her enrollment at Maple Lake Academy. Each project is individualized, allowing the girls to use their creativity and imagination and is based on one of seven core areas of development:

S – Safety
U – Understanding
C – Communication
C – Choices and Change
E –Example Through
S – Social Skills Training
S – Strengths Training

These projects allow the girls to discover who they are and how they relate to the world around them, including their relationship to others. They are a part of a greater circle of influence and through SUCCESS they begin to build the foundation for lasting change. In addition, this exploration allows them to discover their many strengths while learning to manage their challenges.



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