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About Us

Patti Hollenbeck-Dial, Ph.D. - Admissions

Dr. Patti Hollenbeck-Dial has twenty two years of extensive experience in working with adolescents. With a doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy, Patti has specialized in working as a therapist with adolescents and their families in private practice for 6 years and in residential treatment for 11 years. Prior to being a therapist, she was a full time educator, teaching biology to junior high and high school students for five years.

During her experiences as a therapist, Dr. Hollenbeck-Dial has worked intensely with adolescents diagnosed with language based and nonverbal learning disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, chemical dependency and abuse, oppositional defiant disorder, eating disorders, borderline personality disorder, codependency issues, trauma issues, and attachment disorder. One of her favorite passions is working with families in family therapy to develop or to re-establish healthy ways of working together.

Patti is a dedicated mother of one daughter and feels it a privilege to work with so many daughters of other mothers and fathers. She lives on a small farm and enjoys raising milk goats, hiking, gardening, and horseback riding in the nearby mountains with her family. Continual education and growth are integral pieces of her life.

Patti Hollenbeck-Dial, Ph.D. - Admissions

Nichol Holwege - Program Director

Nichol Holwege began her experience as an intern at the Utah State Hospital working on the Youth Unit where she led daily recreational groups. For the last 10 years Nichol has worked in residential treatment with adolescent girls and has found this to be her passion.

Nichol obtained her Bachelors Degree in Recreational Therapy from Brigham Young University. Through her experience and education at various workshops, Nichol has specialized working with adolescents with oppositional defiant disorder, depression, borderline personality disorder, substance abuse, eating disorders, trauma and those with various learning differences. Nichol has a natural ability and talent in working with adolescents and has helped many see their potential and achieve challenging goals. Nichol is also a member of Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA) and Nonverbal Learning Disorders Association (NLDA).

Nichol Holwege - Residential Director

Jon Case - Primary Therapist

Jon earned his Master of Social Work and his B.S. in psychology from Brigham Young University.

Jon has experience working alongside adolescents in residential treatment both in staffing and clinical roles. Jon previously worked with Maple Lake at both the boys and girls schools. He was one of the first supervisors at the boys school and worked with the treatment team as the school grew from no students to full capacity. Jon also walked the trails of wilderness therapy first as a guide and later as a therapist. Though the settings have varied greatly—from sterile hospital buildings to beautiful desert spaces—the one thing that has remained constant is the good people Jon has encountered along the way.

Jon favors a strengths-based approach, emphasizing the inherent values and qualities of the individual or family. Jon is a student at heart and constantly seeking out further growth and development opportunities professionally.

Jon loves adventures of all sizes—especially those found in the wilderness and in books. Jon’s greatest personal adventures have come in fatherhood through diapers and bedtime stories with his toddler son, Ty, and his wife and co-captain, Laurel.


Holly Stansbury- Assistant Residential Manager

Kim Owns, Ph.D-Therapist

Kim received her doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy from Brigham Young University. With master’s degrees in MFT and Social Work, certification in life coaching, and undergraduate work in Child Development Kim feels blessed with a variety of tools to apply in her work. Kim is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers, Long Beach-South Bay California Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and International Coach Federation. Embracing a variety of community service opportunities throughout the years, the most touching moments of volunteer work has come working in Ecuadorian orphanages (OSSO) where Kim and her family have learned the meaning of love through the children they went to care for.

Much like the feeling of delight in the emerging butterfly, Kim feels a special love for developing teenagers. It is an honor to be part of the emergence of a beautiful young woman as she struggles through the challenges of adolescence compounded by learning disabilities, shame, trauma, depression, anxiety and attachment issues.

Kim and her husband have experienced life’s greatest joys and sorrows working together raising their five children. A family motto might well be: “the family that plays together, stays together”. Marcus and Kim met working out at the BYU gym; they share their love for the outdoors, exercise and sunsets at the beach with their children. They are embracing the role of grandparents as they love their grandson and look forward to the birth of more grandbabies in the future.

Jen Hurst, CSW-Primary Therapist

Jen earned her bachelor's degree in sociology from Utah Valley University and her Masters of Social Work from Brigham Young University. Prior to coming to Maple Lake Jen lived in Las Vegas working as a therapist with victims of abuse and trauma and also adolescent boys with sexual behavior problems. Previously she worked with adults with physical and mental disabilities as a social worker for Deseret Industries and with adults with severe mental illness at the Utah State Hospital. Jen loves being a therapist and truly seeks to see the best in everyone she has the pleasure of working with.

Jen grew up in a Utah Valley and loves spending time in the mountains here. Her favorite things are traveling (with a goal to visit every continent during her lifetime), singing, playing the piano, and mostly, spoiling her nieces and nephews.


maple lake academy

Karie Swenson, CTRS, MA - Recreation Therapy Director

Karie Swenson received her Masters Degree in Recreation Therapy from Brigham Young University and is Nationally Certified. In her twenty-two years of experience as a recreation therapist, Karie has worked intensively with adolescents and adults diagnosed with learning disabilities, attachment issues, depression, bi-polar disorder, chemical dependence and abuse, oppositional defiant disorder, eating disorders, personality disorders, and trauma issues.

Karie believes in the power of experiential therapy. She uses initiative games and experiences to help the girls and their families make positive, lasting changes. This modality improves communication skills, bonding, problem resolution, leadership acquisition, and developing support systems.

Karie loves spending time with people, traveling, experiencing history sites. She enjoys sewing, quilting, reading, and doing anything where she gets to know everyone's business, bosses people around, and gets to play! What she loves most about her job, is that she gets to see people become happy, productive human beings.

During her experience as a recreation therapist, she has worked at Utah State Hospital (Mentally Ill), Atascadero State Hospital (Criminally Insane), Psychiatric Nursing Home, Charter Canyon Hospital (Acute Psychiatric Hospital), The Gathering Place (Substance Abuse and Addictions), Center for Women and Children in Crisis (Domestic Violence), and New Haven Residential Treatment Center (Adolescent Girls). Currently, she is thrilled to be at Maple Lake Academy (Adolescent Girls).


Karie Swenson, CTRS, MA—Recreation Therapy Director

Jason Anderson - Psychiatrist

Dr. Jason Anderson, a board certified child psychiatrist has been with Maple Lake Academy since June of 2007. He was born in Alamogorgdo, New Mexico. He attended Medical school at Oklahoma State University, and did his psychology residency and fellowship at University of South Dakota. He and his wife have lived in Utah for 3 years and have 4 children. His hobbies include baking, cheese making, and woodworking.

Jason Anderson - Psychiatrist

Anna Tidwell - Equine Therapist

Involved with equine therapy for over twenty years, Anna has trained and certified through Utah State University, North American Riding for the Handicapped Association, A.V.A. and continues her education through regular participation in various seminars and clinics.

Anna has been involved with Equine Vaulting (gymnastics and dance on the back of a moving horse), with her team bringing home to Utah several National Championship Titles and numerous Regional Championship Titles.

Anna is especially enthusiastic about helping people or animals with special needs. She has worked extensively with adolescents and adults with learning disabilities, emotional problems and physical impairments. Anna understands and believes in the value of equine therapy for the purpose of contributing positively to the cognitive, physical, emotional and social well being of people young and old.

A mother of six, a small business owner and always the first to volunteer in the community, Anna feels she possesses a wealth of life experience to share with her students as they interact during all aspects of equine related activities. She truly cares about each individual and teaches with the primary goal being a safe, enjoyable experience for both rider and equine.

As well as anything equine related, Anna enjoys gardening, cooking, biking, and reading. She is especially excited about her two grandchildren and plans to rodeo with them every summer.

Anna Tidwell- Equine Therapist

Joe Kelly- Educational Director

Joe Kelly has just completed his 30th year of education. During that time, he has been a history teacher, psychology teacher, weight training coach, fitness coach, track coach, soccer coach, football coach, and wresting coach. After his teaching and coaching career, he was a school counselor for four years. He then became an assistant principal at a junior high school. He has also served as the Nebo School District At-Risk Coordinator and principal of Landmark High School. Joe retired from this position on July 1, 2015.

Joe has accepted a fulltime position with Maple Lake Academy as the Educational Director. He is excited be working in an organization that is so committed to changing and improving the lives of young people from across the entire country. He has always specialized in working with hard to reach students who are struggling with their school experience. Joe is also a 4th Degree Black Belt in the art of Tae Kwon Do. He loves Dutch oven cooking, and on any Sunday afternoon he can be found cooking a favorite Dutch oven recipe for his family.

Joe is proud of his family. He is married to a beautiful wife and has five children. He also has three grandchildren who he loves to spoil.

Rian Mason - Teacher

Rian earned his Bachelor's Degree from Utah Valley University in Biology Education. Rian has experience teaching chemistry, environmental science, physical science, human anatomy, biology, and physiology. Rian enjoys learning and is excited to teach young minds all he knows about science!

Rian has lived in Utah his entire life. He is married and has two handsome boys. Rian's philosophy in life is, "a happy wife, a happy life." As a result of this philosophy, he is often found engaging in some type of family activity. Rian enjoys boating with his family, watching the sunset with his wife, cooking/baking, watching science movies and camping.

Holly Stansbury- Assistant Residential Manager

Vicki Moesinger - Social StudiesTeacher

Vicki was born in Colonia Dublan, Chihuahua, Mexico; 3rd in a family of 8 children. She came to the United States at 17. But returned to live in Mexico a couple of times for a total of 22 years of her life including a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She has lived in Arizona, Utah, California and Colorado.

She has a double major Bachelor’s degree in History and Spanish and a Master’s degree in English as a Second Language plus 30 Master’s hours in Psychology. She taught middle school social studies for 8 years before taking leave for 15 years to raise her 3 children.

She taught Social Studies at the Center for Change for 3 years on a part-time basis. And spent 5 years in Nebo School District subbing while she finished raising her children and teaching Interior Design for 2 of those 5 years. She, also, spend 1 ½ years developing an English Language program for a private school that catered to international students.
Before teaching, Vicki worked in the business world as an office manager, HR director and General manager for 5 businesses.

Vicki’s hobbies are gardening, reading, just about anything creative such as painting, sewing and interior design. She loves spending time with her family, renovating old things and service in her Church.
Her passions are teaching, learning, being healthy and people.
The most interesting/unique thing she feels she did in her life was to interview with the CIA. But since she is afraid of the dark and knew she would faint if someone pulled a gun on her, the position did not work out. Whew!


Holly Stansbury- Assistant Residential Manager

Deanne Shields - Special Education Coordinator

Deeane was born and raised in Utah. She received a B.S. degree in Zoology Composite Teaching and a M.Ed. in Educational Psychology from Brigham Young University. Deeanne worked for 18 years at Provo Canyon School. While there she taught a variety of science and special education classes. She was also an Academic Supervisor and the Special Education Coordinator. Deeanne worked with students, parents, school districts and mental health agencies in developing and implementing Individual Education Plans (IEP’s).

In her spare time, Deeanne reads, gardens and supports the interests and talents of her four unique children.

Deanna Shields - Special Education Coordinator

Michelle Broadbent "Shelley", B.S., R.N. - Nursing Director

Michelle Broadbent has been a registered nurse for thirty two years.  She received her nursing degree from Brigham Young University.  Her vast experience includes but is not limited to prenatal and obstetrics,  immunization and travel nursing, family medicine, and home health care.   Michelle feels that in addition to her clinical experience she has gained a great deal of practical experience from rearing her eight children (five daughters and three sons).  Michelle’s unique dedication and commitment to quality care in working with the adolescents at Maple Lake Academy, comes from a highly professional and very personal approach that centers on treating each girl as if she were her own daughter.  In her leisure time, Michelle enjoys sewing, cooking and showing/breeding exotic Himalayan and Burmese cats.

Michelle  Broadbent (Shelley), B.S., R.N. - Nursing Director

Joan Johnson - Kitchen Manager

Joan Johnson comes to Maple Lake with 30 years of experience in catering and food service. She has an associates degree from Utah State University. Joan previously owned a floral and wedding business where she did the catering and decorating. Joan enjoys cooking and spending time advancing her skills. She is having a lot of fun working and being around the girls at Maple Lake. Joan has 5 children and 12 grandchildren and spends her free time with them.

Holly Stansbury- Assistant Residential Manager


Margot Vane, Office Manager

Margo was born and raised on a farm in St. Anthony, Idaho. She graduated from Links Business College in Boise, Idaho with a diploma in accounting. She has had extensive experience working in the accounting departments at Ricks College, Mountain View Hospital, and other residential treatment programs. She loves being a part of Maple Lake Academy. She enjoys the people she works with and loves getting to know the students and being able to see the positive changes they are able to make while here at Maple Lake.
Margo enjoys reading, traveling, doing crafts and spending time with her four children and 3 beautiful grandchildren.


Jeff Owens, Math Teacher

Jeff Owens Graduated from Southern Utah University with degrees and certifications in Mathematics, Computer Science, Athletic Training/Sports Medicine, and Furniture & Cabinet Making. He began his professional career as a high school mathematics teacher and coach in Utah. Jeff served on curriculum development teams at both district and state levels, helped develop user interface for education software, and was part of a Fellowship at the University of Utah sponsored by the National Science Foundation to strengthen teaching competencies in rural schools. He then worked in the private sector as a software engineer and consultant for 25 years before returning to education as a mathematics teacher at Maple Lake Academy in 2011. In 2013, Jeff took an eighteen month leave from Maple Lake to serve an LDS mission with his wife in Texas where they digitally preserved old books and records. He returned to teaching at Maple Lake in January 2015 where he hopes to stay for a very long time.

Jeff enjoys the great southern Utah outdoors where he was born and raised. He likes most sports, really anything outdoors or involving a ball. He loves building fine furniture and custom cabinetry in his shop and being with his family, especially his 5 children and 10 grandchildren.


MaryLynn Hingano, English Teacher

MaryLynn graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a minor in Music. Since graduating she has worked as a copy writer and social media specialist while working with children K-9 through Sacramento County’s Youth Programs as an advisor and mentor. She has worked one on one with youth with down-syndrome for two years before obtaining her degree. She is a published poet and participated in Utah Valley University’s annual Martin Luther King Jr.’s Commemoration where she won an award for her academic scholarly paper on the contrasting and comparable characteristics of racism during the Enlightenment era and Civil Rights movement. She is enthused and excited by the written word and loves to help others find their voice in literature and writing as they experience different texts and build methods of critical thinking through analysis and writing.

She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree and plans on obtaining her PhD in English Literature. In her free time she enjoys adventures with her nine brothers and sisters, playing soccer, eating good food and working in film in the Utah area.


Sarah Bowman, Residential Manager

Sarah grew up in the mountains of Park City Utah. She recently graduated from Brigham Young University with her Bachelor's degree in Recreation Therapy and is a Nationally Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. Sarah previously worked as a staff and assistant supervisor before doing her Recreation Therapy internship with Karie Swenson. Sarah loves being apart of the Maple Lake community and feels lucky to have a job where she gets to work hard to help individuals see their potential and improve their life. In her free time you can find Sarah skiing, coaching lacrosse, or socializing with friends and family.


Jodi Leynse, Admissions Coordinator

Jodi Leynse grew up in the great state of Colorado before moving to Utah to study Recreation Therapy at Brigham Young University. Jodi has been with Maple Lake since 2008 after completing a Recreation Therapy internship with Karie Swenson where she became passionate about the students that Maple Lake Academy serves. Jodi considers it to be a huge blessing to be a part of the changes students make and helping them find their personal strengths. One of Jodi's favorite parts of her job is providing tours because she can share her love of the Maple Lake program with prospective families and education consultants instead of entertaining her friends and family with her constant enthusiasm. In her free time Jodi enjoys snowshoeing, camping, getting outside, knitting and playing board games with friends.


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